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Local Enterprise Partnerships have been given a clear task by Government to provide the strategic leadership to set economic priorities and create the right environment for business and growth[1].

GFirst LEP’s role is to drive sustainable economic growth in the county, and by doing so, create jobs and business opportunities[2].

Key to achieving this is the skills objective of creating ‘a highly employable and economically productive population’. Part of the skills vision is to ensure that the County produces talented people with the skills businesses need. GFirst LEP has committed to:

• Develop a strong partnership between education and business to support bridging the skills gap

• Equip students with the skills that businesses need; and provide careers opportunities for local skilled talented individuals.

In our Strategic Economic Plan, we have committed to providing a highly employable and economically productive workforce that meets the needs of local business, particularly in high value growth sectors. GFirst further commits that it will deliver an integrated approach to stimulating the demand for and planning skills provision from school, college and university leavers.

This will enable all interested parties to better meet the needs of industry by providing the right number of places in the right skills areas at the right level and so ensure industry in Gloucestershire minimises skills gaps[3]

Employment and Skills Board

GFirst LEP and Gloucestershire County Council are seeking applications from prospective Board members to form a Gloucestershire Employment & Skills Board. Can you help us develop the training and skills that local employers need?

If you or someone you know is interested in applying to become a Board member, please complete this form (the link will also enable you to see the draft terms and conditions of the Employment and Skills Board and what we are looking for from Board members). 

Applications need to be submitted by 26th April and all completed applications will be reviewed by GFirst LEP and Gloucestershire County Council in w/c 1st May.

If you have any questions about the Employment and Skills Board or the application process, please email Pete Carr at Pete.Carr@gloucestershire.gov.uk.

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[2] http://www.gfirstlep.com/gfirst-LEP/About-Us/Overview/

[3] p21 of the GFirst LEP Strategic Economic Plan